Kintu New York Brand Story & Philosophy

Kintu New York handbags are designed in New York, co-developed with global artisans, and made in Italy. Launched in 2015, the brand’s core value is rooted in the founder, Sarah’s belief in generational conservation of artistry and craftsmanship. The Kintu New York brand appeals to the dynamic, busy, urban woman who values quality and self-expression. 

Craftsmanship & Artisans

Indian Artisans Prepare Silk Thread for our Brocade Fabric

Indian artisan prepares silk thread for our brocade fabric

In her travels, Sarah has interacted with many highly skilled artisan communities on the verge of disappearing if the skills are not passed on from generation to generation. With the current downward trend and few prospects of a lucrative career in craftsmanship, younger generations are making the decision to learn different skills and abandon family traditions. However, by improving the lives of the existing artisans, we appeal to youth who will see craftsmanship not only as a viable source of income for their families, but as a national tradition worthy of pride and preservation.

Kintu’s quality is a combination of the craftsmanship of Italian leather makers and the handicraft of artisans from India (Indian handwoven luxury brocade) and Kenya (Hardware). Kintu bags are consciously crafted from strong and hard-wearing 100% natural vegetable tanned leather sourced from the best European tanneries. Natural vegetable tanned leather is known for it's durability and flexibility. The various vibrant colors are achieved using natural tanning techniques. The result is high quality, minimalist, vibrant bags that are beautiful, practical and capture each customer’s unique personality.

Meet Sarah Nakintu, Founder & Creative Director 

Sarah was born and raised in Uganda and currently resides in New York City. She migrated to the United States in 2005 where she attended Columbia University in New York. She's worked in a range of different industries including: fashion, technology, and development (United Nations). Her early career and extensive travel around the world resulted in a passion for building a sustainable global brand that she named Kintu New York. The brand is named after her father, inspired by her African heritage, global experiences and the street fashion of New York City.